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Lulu Again

Sorry to be updating like a mad women but I am bedridden with the Lulu. I just wanted to say Lulu Belle is 15.7 pounds!!!! She is 5 months old.

When Hog got fixed he was 6 months old and weighed a whopping 8 pounds!!! You all know Lulu has always been big. One of the biggest puppies of her litter of 8. Well when I picked her up the vet asked me what kind of food is she on? I said Nutro Max Puppy. She said in a month I need to gradually mix in Hog's Nutro Max adult with her puppy because I need to be watching her weight!!!!

I couldnt believe she was calling the Lulu fat. Well I mean I call her fat but she has always been huge! Lulu walks 2 miles with me every single day. I just told them she is a big girl...

It's just odd Im going to be giving her adult food at 6 months old. Hog didnt get adult till he turned a year. I thought that was how it worked.. wait till they are a year.

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