Alana (look_its_alana) wrote in boston_buddies,

Few announcements

I know honeybeeg will know what I'm talking about, but here in FL, due to the recent fights and such in the dog parks, they now are charging $2.00 per entry or $100 a year at the local dog park. I'm so glad they didn't close it completely, as that would have upset alot of people. It's really not that bad, and it should help with maintaining the place, possibly expanding it. This is the same park Hog, Lulu, Weezer, and Smudge have gone. It's a shame though it had to come to that though.

No, it's not exactly boston related, so if it's not appropriate, Mods, feel free to delete. I am not at all trying to "swerve" people away from this great community:

I know many here and other communities have experienced some serious health issues with their fur babies, myself included, and we all need a place to cope. This is a community to help with that, with any type of pet.

And like it says in the info page, it's still "under construction."

Feel free to join anytime.

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