Kristen (ewitskristen) wrote in boston_buddies,

I wanted to let you guys know about these new collars I found. I think they may be some help to some of you.. My older Boston, Basil, has such sensitive skin that it seems just about ANY collar will rub his poor little neck raw. He went without a collar for the longest time (which of course left me completely paranoid!) until last weekend. We found these new collars (at least I THINK they're new) at Petco, made by Dickens Closet. They are completely smooth! They're awesome and were only $6 each! Both my boys wear a small, incase anyone needs that as a point of reference (they weigh 18 and 13 pounds).

(Sorry the pictures are weird sizes, photobucket does that sometimes. At least you get to really see the collars good in the huge ones, lol)


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