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My Boston Terrier Artwork to Share with You All!

Greetings! And Happy Holidays to all you BT's and BT Moms and Dads.:)
I am excited that I finally have a new Boston related post to share here-seeing as I don't yet own a Boston.(No moolah, no-dog style apartment, etc.)
A little history with my Boston adoration began sometime around the time I worked for a dog groomer's as a dog bather. Well, every once in a great while, a darling little Boston would come in named Trixie(I think), and she was so docile and well behaved. She would only come in for a nail trim and a 'backside cleaning'(is a much better way of putting it ^_^), and each time, was so well trained, she would sit and be a very good dog.
I would usually be rather busy washing an anonymous doggie, when she would appear and be seated on the grooming table.I would usually squeal in delight, and stop what I was doing to go hold her close while her nails were trimmed. Naturally, she probably thought,'huh?'But I liked to think she was comforted as I cooed and hugged her Boston body.

So, until I have one, I haunt here all the time. Each time, I soak up the pictures and even save some! Other times, I comment on how much joy I get from even seeing the fun antics of other's wonderful buddies.

But this time, being an artist, I created a small Boston painting, and feel like here would be the prime place to show it off.:)

Do enjoy all, and be safe this holiday season!

Boston Terrier Lad MiniArtCard

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