FluffyPinkGerbil (pinkgerbil) wrote in boston_buddies,

You know you are a dog mom ( or dad ) when :

Your dog gets you up in the middle of the night.
Said dog got you up beacuse they feel the need to vomit . Alot.
You are more concerned that they are throwing up than the fact
the object they threw up on is your Coach purse .
You rush your pup to the bathroom , so they can throw up someone easier to clean up.
After they throw up , you check the puke to make shure there was nothing funny in it .
You dont get upset when the dog then has the runs , all over the bathroom floor.
You , instead place the dog in the bathtub , while cleaning up the mess.
You , at one in the morning give your dog a warm bath and blow dry .
You are not in the least bit offended when the dog then trots back to the bed room, and
hops back in bed with dad (or mom ) like nothing ever happned .
Nor are you upset that it is almost two in the morning , and you cannot fall back
asleep after the whole fisasco.

( Sassy does this once in a while, I just wish her timing were better . )

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