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Clancy had a seizure today...
We think he's had at least 2 before, once around thanksgiving with dave, and once with me just before christmas. The first time, dave thought he just exhausted himself in an attempt to make himself throw up and his back legs just sorta gave out on him. The second time with me, he actually fell and rolled over onto his back for a second, which made me think it was more than exhaustion. He jumped right up, though, and so I thought maybe he just passed out, but I also considered that it might be a seizure and that we should keep an eye on him. This afternoon we were in the kitchen and I heard that tell-tale "i'm going to be sick" noise from the living room, so I ran in to see what was going on. Again he was trying to throw up, and it was as if it were really hard for him to get it out. After about 10-15 seconds he finally threw up. His back legs went out on him and he flopped onto his side (thankfully we managed to get him away from furniture, and dave was able to lower him down so he didn't hurt himself). At that point he actually had muscle twitches/spasms for maybe 2 seconds max. Afterward, he jumped up, and aside from being a little confused and shaken up, he was fine. As a matter of fact, less than five minutes later he was begging for some of our grilled cheese, and less than 10 minutes later he was giving his best effort at making you think that playing with his ball-on-a-strap was a matter of serious world-wide importance.

Needless to say, it probably bothered dave and i more than it did Clancy... We're going to take him to the vet and see what happens. Hopefully it's just something that can be handled with medication and not anything too serious.

I'm fairly sure I saw posts about other boston buddies with seizures a while back, but I couldn't find the posts. Does anyone have any experience here?

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