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Kylie had her spay this morning, and is doing good. She is very groggy and has to be touching me at all times. If I move over an inch she scoots over too. She was shaking like a madwoman when I picked her up from the vet, and a little bit after I got her home, which is something she did the first day we got her, but not since then. It was kind of sad. Anyway, she's on Rimadyl for pain and her incision is really small and doesn't look bad at all. She ate some turkey and ice cubes that I gave her [vet said we could feed her small amounts], so I'm sure she's going to be fine =)

Lulu is still winning the big little girl contest, the vet told me Kylie is 13.2 pounds.

Oh and ever since I made her crate a lot smaller, she hasn't peed or pooped in it once. Thanks to everyone for the advice!

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