asavas (asavas) wrote in boston_buddies,

geech update

hi everyone...thank you SO MUCH for your kind wishes. it looks like they worked! i called the vet this morning and he said all the bloodwork came back negative for any problems in the liver, kidneys or with blood parasites. they don't know really what was causing the dizziness or fever, but i guess it could have been the "mild" urinary tract infection. i will have to press the vet about a better explanation later today. but he did eat dinner last night and didn't throw it up and his fever has come down so as long as he continues to feel okay, we can take him back home this afternoon. i am SO thankful it wasn't something more serious. and i have learned a very valuable lesson: my poor baby would rather make himself sick than pee on the floor. so from now on, if we think we might be gone for more than a few hours, i am getting a pet sitter because i cannot deal with this again!!!

geech and his mom & dad thank you all so much again!!!


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