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Our Three Little Pigs Vet Check-Ups

Our little pig trio went to the vet today for check-ups. Well, technically Baxter went yesterday to get neutered and was picked up today.

They all got their shots updated and got checked for heartworms. Bailey had a little rash on his belly that is apparently a Staph infection and so he got some oral antibiotics and some medicated shampoo also.

Updated weights are: Bailey is officially at the 20 pound mark, Briley is still 13 pounds and Baxter weighs in at a "whole" 10 pounds. Yay! Vet is calling him full grown.

Baxter did wonderfully with his surgery. No problems whatsoever. Some stitches and a little bit of dried blood, but no symptoms otherwise. He doesn't even seem to notice he had surgery. He's happy and bouncy to see Bailey and Briley. Not even the least bit interested in his sutures.

I was curious, though, as we will be moving to Baltimore in a few months. What kind of prices do all of you have to pay for annual shots and check-ups? Here we paid $58 for all the shots, $50 for Baxter's neuter and $25 office visit. I know we probably won't be that lucky to keep these low prices. I was just trying to see if I could get an idea of what other people are paying for their little pigs.

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