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Okay I'm really worried. When there are thunderstorms we do have to give Violet a Valium to calm down because the sound and lightening frighten her....that's normal.....but for the past like 2 months she'll wake us up in the middle of the night shaking and right now I'm on the couch checking stuff out for classes, and my mom is on the other couch and Viole sat up from laying against my mom and got down on the floor and started shaking. I don't get why she does this....I'm not sure if she hears something and she thinks its the start of a storm or something but it seems like she does it too often. Her eyes aren't rolling around or anything and it's a shake like she's cold but I know she's not. She just looks towards the front door....I'm scared. Do any of you think this is a seizure??? She's alert and when we call her name she looks right over. She'll stop shaking and then start again....I'm really scared b/c the vet doesn't open until Monday and I'm just really worried. At first we thought she'd do it in the middle of the night so we'd open our bedroom door so she could go down the steps and be with the other dog (my parents dog) and that maybe she knew we'd let her go down by doing this, but it just seems to happen during the day too....sorry I'm rambling....I'm scared and confused. What do you all think?!?!

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