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Pictures soon, I promise!

I have been absolutely terrible about taking and posting any Vinnie pics, because we got a new camera and I haven't had time to figure it out yet! He turned a year on December 12th and just when I think he's done growing, he starts up again. I have to laugh at how funny Bostons are when they grow. Suddenly, he looks skinny and tall, and then he fills out again. My muscley little man!

I also have to say that I have spent SO MUCH time here being insanely jealous over those of you with cuddly and obedient dogs. Vin is on the go CONSTANTLY and into everything. I thought we were saddled with the worst boston terrorist on the face of the planet until xmas.... where he was SO happy both of his Mommies were home so much that he turned into the biggest cuddlebug. He even jumped up one day to have a nap with me WITHOUT terrorizing any of the other pets or trying to lick me to death.

So for those of you pulling your hair out over your 'bad' Boston, let me tell you, there is HOPE! I love Vinnie more every day and can't imagine life without his always cheerful outlook on life and just how devoted and happy he is when his Mommies are around.

PS. Every year at work I do a pet calendar as a fundraiser, and Vinnie won a top spot in it, of course! He's a calendar boy for sure.

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