Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

Wow. I'm really glad it's Friday, seems like it's been a hectic week. The kitties I live with got new food and didn't like it so they meowed all night, then when they got their old food back they threw up a lot. Hows a dog supposed to get any rest?! Steve made my webcam window bigger on bentleycam, but I still mostly sleep, I am discussing options of a playpen with them, but it's still just in the idea phase, I don't want anything those evil cats can jump into and scratch my face all to heck.

Here is an obvious photo of me working it for some treats, those things are good man, so I will pretty much do anything.

And of course, my lip caught in my teeth pic, she always runs and gets the camera for.

Really, another one? just cuz of the lip thing?

And lastly, my "down" performance, I am really good at this command.

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