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Bostons Looking For Homes.

This was posted on our Meetup message board. I'm assuming these bostons are somewhere in the Denver, CO area.

My boss has rescued a couple of boxers from Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue and she is on their mailing list. They recently sent out this message (but I haven't researched it myself):

"Here is a strange request:
Homes and fosterhomes are desperately needed for 5 Boston Terriers. Owner is in a coma due to a car crash. If you can help please call Marita at 303-744-8329 for more information.
Have a nice day

So if you are looking for more bostons I'd check it out, but be wary. However, Ho-Bo Care is a reputable group. Marita works for Ho-Bo Boxer Rescue and is the person you would be speaking with. Just thought I'd pass it on. Steph

Just thought I'd pass the message along. We also have a member who is looking for a home for one of her foster BTs, Duke. I've met Duke twice and he is a sweet, handsome boston. He's kind of a loner in the group, but likes to play with the other dogs. I'm thinking he would need some one-on-one training and lots of TLC (he had to pee on everything at the indoor play facility). I have not seen him around children, but assuming that he would do well with them...since he seems to be a well-tempered dog. He's a bigger boston: tall and weighing 20+ lbs. I'd take him in if we were in a situation that we could take in another dog, but we just don't have the time to be home with him and we live in a small apartment right now. Let me know if you're interested and I can pass on your information to his foster mommy.

(I'll post a picture within the next week of Duke...once I get around to getting our meetup pics uploaded to

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