betti diamond (starylala) wrote in boston_buddies,
betti diamond

I'm super excited because...

Yesterday when I went to Petco to pick up some food and treats, I looked at the nail clippers. I've just been clipping Sophie's nails with toenail clippers for people which was okay when her nails were still little, but now that she's growing to grown up dog size, noootttttt such a good idea and its always a huge pain in the ass because she hates having her toe nails clipped. Anyway, the clippers were like $11, and I decided just to ask how much they charge at their groomers' to clip. TEN DOLLARS!!! And that includes having them bathed, cleaning their ears aaaannndddd expressing their glands (I watched my sister in law do it to her dog once and even though I'm not at all squeamish it kind of grossed me out, plus I don't know how to do it myself)... Yeah, only $10. So, that's where Sophie's going after I get done with class.. To not have to fight with her or feel bad if I hurt her is worth the $10 all on its own.

Just thought I'd share.

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