lilsara (pinup_devil) wrote in boston_buddies,

This may be my first and last post

I couldn't help myself. It was really all her fault. Mommy left the closet door open. I wouldn't have, ahem, 'wandered' in there if she hadn't let Bomber snuggle with her during naptime in MY spot glued to her neck. He's a big ol' dumb pit bull. He should be banished to the floor.
I was pissed. I'll be honest. I huffed, I fluffed every inch of the comforters I could reach for 20 minutes straight, I jangled my tags like a holiday song, I scratched and licked for distance. And yet, I was not satisfied.
I needed to be heard.
I needed to be snuggled.
I needed revenge.

Vintage lucite shoes did the trick. Ohohooo, but only one. Yes, only one shoe.

If I am needed, I will be hiding in my kennel.

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