... (fairweathrsmile) wrote in boston_buddies,

Kylie met her first other Boston Terrier at the dog park today (well aside from when she was born and stuff obviously!) but the way they played together....

I have to get another one. *Starts looking on petfinder*

Don't you find that two Bostons play together the best? It's cute when she plays with other breeds but I don't know ... her and the other Boston played EXACTLY alike, and they loved it.

Also, Kylie has been listening worlds better lately and she actually COMES to me now when I call her! It's amazing. She's starting to calm down alot and be alot more obedient. She's seven months old. :)

Question: Does your Boston like to retrieve? Kylie couldn't care less about retrieving a ball at the dog park, but she loves to play fetch at the dog beach or at home. It's kind of weird.

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Eat the kitty!

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