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Pig or Grizzly Bear?

I am in miami for the month of feb. (maybe less) and I miss my babies like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! It is killing me not to have them. I am also in South Beach which is like major dog area so i see little dogs all the time. Which makes me even more sad/jealous.

I saw a little Boston the other night. She was 3 months old and was the size of a 6 week old boston puppy. It was sickening. Obviously she came from a pet store/puppymill.

Here are some Hog and Lulu pics that were on my camera. I think Luey is half pig or grizzly. I cant figure out which yet...


Hoggie never ever does anything bad. He really has never done anything even slightly bad... He has a stuffing fetish. Something just comes over him and he cant control himself. Poor little guy cowered forever after this lol.

There was a little hole in the pillow and he just went to town. I am sure Luly helped of course. My husband said when he would show Hog the pillow Hog would shake and shudder. So he told me to watch. He puts the pillow in Hog's face expecting the "im so bad" reaction but instead hog puts his little mouth inside the pillow and pulls out a crap load of stuffing.

I was crying I was laughing so hard. My husband was all OMG WHAT DO I DO?? I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO!!



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