bobbytrucktrick (bobbytrucktrick) wrote in boston_buddies,

Dog door and fence options....

I'm about to close on owning my first house. There is a huge back yard (about the size of a football field) for my little Emo to frollick in. I noticed 1/3 of it isn't fenced in on one side so I'm going to have to put up a fence because I want to be able to let Emo out and not worry about watching him.

I was thinking about getting a doggy door on the back door so that he could just go in and out as he pleased. Is this a good idea? Does anyone have experience with this? I want something nice enough that it won't let out the hot/cool air and run up my bills.

Also I don't want him to try to dig out so any ideas there? Would it be cruel to put barb wire along the bottom so that he doesn't even try it?

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