I give you the images I know. (weiterate) wrote in boston_buddies,
I give you the images I know.

dead rabbit

lunchbox has one toy that will not perish.  it's name is the _____ing dead rabbit. today, i have chronicled a portion of the life of the dead rabbit- this story contains violence and the f-word, so beware:

it all started innocently enough- lunch has a fear of guitars, and so when i was playing, she was barking and such.  i put it down, let her sniff:


then, when lunch wasn't looking,:

the dead fucking rabbit attacked her, flying on the guitar with all the fervor of wonderboy:


a battle ensued. the f- word was used.


then, the unthinkable happened-- the fucking dead rabbit went for a jugular shot and almost killed lunchbox:

i thought it was over for my fat pig with fur, but in the end, she was trimphant.  here she is, basking in her victory:

after a bit of ear-chewing, i made lunchbox apologize, and she and the fucking dead rabbit made up (it isn't the first time). here they are, best friends yet again:

until next time.

the end.



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