raymiew (raymiew) wrote in boston_buddies,

I came home this evening to find Albus looking just horrible.  He has a rash or something...swollen places on him.  They are just swollen up and some are a tiny bit pink on the edges.  He has places on his face, belly, and I can see some on his back just because the fur isn't laying properly.  Any thoughts?  He's not scratching...they apparently don't hurt as I squeezed on them a little.  They are just feel like a chigger bite feels, but they are bigger. 

I'm going to give him some benedryl tonight and hope it clears up.  If not we'll have to visit the vet.

UPDATE: Gave him benedryl and within 20 minutes the places were gone. I think maybe something bit him. His lip is still swelled up, but all of the other spots are gone.

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