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I just had to say this.

I love my Maggie so much. I was laying in bed last night and she was in there, snuggled up against me, and I just had to tell her how much I missed her and how happy I was she was back, she opened her eyes and gave me a sleepy look and licked my face..She is the sweetest dog I have ever known, and my heart is just full of love for her. I love my other doggies too, but Maggie is the sweetest dog of them all and she just has not idea how loved she is..I am so blessed have my Boston baby back after her 40 day adventure. And I will never know where she was or what she did. But I know someone had her, and she was cared for, she is too healthy to have been out in the elements for that long. And I know she had to have escaped from where she was to come home, and that the lady who found her was an angel. And I know that who ever had her, misses her..
But NO ONE could love her as much as we do..
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