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NY State Residents - Non-NYers please tell your NY friends

NY Puppy mill About To Be Approved

Urge Milo Township and Penn Yan, New York, Officials to Deny
Approval of Commercial Dog-Breeding Facility

On February 28, the Zoning Board of Appeals in the township of Milo-located in Penn Yan, New York-is scheduled to decide whether resident Lavern Zimmerman will be allowed to build a pole barn to house 150 "breeding stock" dogs. According to a citizen who attended a previous hearing regarding the
proposed facility: "They will be breeding small dogs (Yorkshire terriers, shih tzus, etc.) in order to sell the puppies to pet stores. The females will be bred at about 1 year old, 1 to 2 times a year, sometimes without a heat between breeding, until they are too old for that purpose. Then they will be euthanized. The males will also be euthanized after they are too old for breeding. The dogs will be kept inside this metal pole barn at all times. USDA regulations state that they only have to keep the building at 50
degrees in the winter, and under 85 degrees in the summer. All feces, refuse, and carcasses will be put on an outside compost heap."
Please contact members of the Milo Zoning Board of Appeals.
Urge them not to approve this cruel business, which will only profit off the suffering of the dogs who are forced to live there, and remind them how animals suffer for the pet trade. Tell them that for every animal brought into this world at a kennel that they approve, another must die at an animal shelter.

Please send polite correspondence only.

Karen Snow, Chair
John Socha, Chad Sheehan, James Martin, and Amy Hoffman, Members
Milo Zoning Board of Appeals
137 Main St.
Penn Yan, NY 14527
315-536-9760 (fax)

Please also share your concerns about this facility with Penn Yan's

The Honorable Douglas G. Marchionda, Jr.
Mayor of Penn Yan
Penn Yan Village Office
PO Box 426
111 Elm St.
Penn Yan, NY 14527
315-536-4685 (fax) (

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