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Why Have a Dog When You Can Have a Boston Terrier?!?!?!

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Boston Terrier Lovers
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Yay!  A place to share stories, advice and pictures of our Boston Terrier Buddies!

Please be courteous to other community members by:

* Only posting two photos before using the LJ-Cut tag.
* Posting photos larger than 500x500 behind the LJ-Cut tag.
* Keeping our community warm, friendly & stress-free.
* No spamming - That means no advertising or selling ANYTHING without our permission.

For more information on this, please see FAQ.

Have fun and post away

The contest begins in October - stay tuned!

We now have SO many Buddies that Live Journal does not allow us enough user info space to post all of them!
We now have a separate place where EVERYONE is listed (but if for some reason you are not, PLEASE email me!)

CLICK HERE to see all of our wonderful BOSTON BUDDIES!!!

All questions should be referred to one of us,
bair at bair@livejournal.com or llinthesand at llinthesand@livejournal.com

Other communities that I maintain are:

Click here to visit our "sister" community!

We also have another "sister" community
Click here to visit!

Sunshyne's Moodie Woggies
We now have a customized mood icon set that is used here in Boston Buddies.

His name is Winston - the doggie son of our communities founder, Bair!
If you are a paid user and a member of our community, then we give you permission to use them too!
CLICK HERE to view and copy the images and make sure you give credit to: 

Boston Terrier Love!!!
Boston Buddies Location Map
Please add your location by entering your username below.
You MUST be a member of Boston_Buddies to do this
To view our map click here!
Boston Terrier Love!!!

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